The AIR that we breathe is the place where pollution and warming are changing the nature of our planet and living conditions, for long. Pollution (i.e. Particle Matter and NO2) weakens our organism, especially our respiratory system and lungs and paves the way then to viruses and bacteria for penetrating deeply into our body.

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Covid-19 studies have shown that where pollution is high, coronavirus is more spread and dangerous and that covid-19 can catch any of us through aerosols, i.e. at long distance from a source of virus.

Aerosols with potential coronavirus remain floating the air in a room during more than 20’

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It means that masks and social distance are not a real protection. We need something more: to breathe a clean air if one wish to protect oneself and our children from pollution and then from illnesses and viruses.

That’s why Catecair is proud, after having created the first non-polluting/depolluting car exhibited at the Geneva International Motor show in  March 2017, of having developped products designed to protect the collective and individual health of people, from very young children till seniors, by providing a clean breathing to individuals and groups of people ( to be seen soon)

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