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In fourteen days of exhibition, Catecar’s booth received more than 15000 visitors enthusiastic about the concept and technologies. A couple of large car manufacturers have shown interest for cooperating with Catecar, what we intend to do because time is of essence for fighting against climate warming.

Business people or representatives from more than 15 countries (among them Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Cameroun ,Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Jordan, Portugal, Italy ) have expressed interest in manufacturing in their countries the Dragonfly as per the business model of Catecar “ to produce locally for selling locally” (one line of production for € 4’000’000) representing a population of around 1’800’000’000 individuals living in cities and places where pollution and energy are daily key problems.

Catecar should raise dozens of millions for developing its activities on a worldwide basis, as quickly as possible, but at that stage, to be cautious, investors are looked for CHF 6’000’000 in order:
• to finalize the integration of technologies;
• to finalize the design;
• to be ready to launch production in France at the end of 2017;
• to install its first own production unit.

The Dragonfly is a 560 kg vehicle certified in M1, with a cabin in flax, a solar roof, an aspirator of fine particles capturing them around the clock, i.e. a cluster of Swiss high technologies for a new concept of mobility:

No pollution + depollution

Schneider-Amman, Swiss Minister of Economy with Henri-Philippe Sambuc, founder and president of Catecar industries SA during the official opening on March 9th, 2017.